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As a company, we’re just the right size for every person to take initiative and make things happen. And we’re big enough in our portfolio for those actions to have an impact. That’s a pretty sweet spot to be in and we’re always striving to keep it that way.
We are an organization that values continuous growth through experiences. Our learning and development programs focus on the whole person and target three areas of growth: business and interpersonal skills, leadership and management skills, and a toolkit for human flourishing. Through executive coaching, experiential workshops, and extensive 360s, we believe every employee deserves ample opportunity to develop in ways that accelerate their impact.
Our commitment to diversity and inclusion enables us to bring together people with different perspectives, skills, and ideas to drive innovation. We value and celebrate a multitude of cultures, backgrounds, and of course, the great ideas that come from us all.
Throughout Hi-tech, you’ll find opportunities to both share and learn from your colleagues: from employee resource groups to education and outreach activities to inclusion workshops, there is always a way to be involved, get to know one another, and come together.
We believe we share a responsibility to contribute to the communities around us.


  1. 2-5 Years of Experience as a Product Manager.
  2. Work experience on similar nature work is Preferred.
  3. Two-wheeler License Preferred.
  • Candidate should hold at Master’s Degree in Finance, Accounting, Business, Public Administration or closely related field.
  • 3-4 Years of Experience
  • Having two-wheeler driving license.
  • Computer skill in Microsoft Office and Accounting software.
Legal intern

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